Star Threat

Star Threat - is a free MMO strategy game where players compete to colonize and develop planets in a vast galaxy. Build and manage colonies, gather resources, research new technologies, and form alliances with other players to gain an edge in fierce space battles. As your empire grows, expand your territory and claim dominance over the cosmos. Will you rise to become the supreme ruler of the galaxy?

Fast start

Only for you and only now is a 7-day premium bonus available for the rapid development of your empire.

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Get more advantage over other players!

Install the Star Threat app to constantly monitor and control your empire.

Gameplay screenshot Star Threat 01

Beginning of an empire!

The player starts with one small planet, which in the future will become the capital of a huge empire. To develop your empire, you will need to research new technologies, construct buildings, build ships and defenses.

Gameplay screenshot Star Threat 02

Freedom of choice!

There are several ways to develop an empire in the game. First, you can be a miner, develop buildings and research, share resources with your friends, in return for protection. The second way is to become a professional warrior, build a fleet, patrol outer space, extract resources with the help of your powerful fleet.

Gameplay screenshot Star Threat 03

Alone in the "universe" is not a warrior!

Surviving alone in the harsh universe of Star Threat is extremely difficult. In order not to fall the death of the brave, you will have to join or found your own alliance. Participation in the alliance has many advantages. For example, this is the only way, together with the members of the alliance, to participate in interesting and large-scale battles, consisting of thousands, if not even millions of combat units.