Meet update 1.2!

Get ready for a new exciting adventure as a new game update is out!

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Meet update 1.2!

We are happy to announce a major update for our game, which contains new features and improvements. This update is intended to improve the overall gameplay experience for our players and provide them with new ways to interact with the game.

Briefly about the changes and innovations of update 1.2


  • A new section has appeared in the Premium Shop, in which three new services are available: the "Expeditions" bonus, the number of "Expeditions" and the speed of "Expeditions".
  • Added personal statistics on expedition flights and their outcomes.
  • Three new buildings are available: Light Conveyor, Medium Conveyor and Heavy Conveyor, which will allow you to build more than 1 unit per second.


In addition to new content, the update also includes some changes and gameplay improvements.

  • The function of determining the randomness of events and some of the events themselves in the expedition have been reworked.
  • The progression of increasing the cost of upgrading Officers has been reworked.
  • Changed the extraction of mines.
  • Changed the speed of construction and research.
  • The main page of the planet has been visually redesigned.


The update also includes bug fixes and other optimizations for the best gaming experience.

  • Work has begun on adapting the game interface for mobile and other commonly used devices.
  • Fixed some bugs encountered by players.


We believe this update will have a significant impact on the game and we're excited to see how our players react to it. We will closely monitor feedback and will continue to improve and develop the game based on feedback.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player, you'll find something for yourself in this update. So don't miss out, get in the game faster and see for yourself!

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