The following rules are mandatory for the Star Threat project

In case of violation of the Game Rules and (or) the User Agreement, the corresponding game penalties are applied. If you do not understand any paragraph of the rules, or your account has been blocked, for clarification, contact support by writing an email to:

All questions about User accounts are resolved only with their owners.

1. Account ownership.

The account owner is the owner of the permanent email address specified during registration. Only one player can manage an account.

  • It is forbidden to transfer / sell an account for permanent management.
  • Supervision of someone else's account is allowed with the permission of the account owner.
  • While looking after your account:
    • It is allowed to withdraw the fleet from the attack, save the fleet and resources
    • Any other movement of the fleet (attack, expedition) is prohibited
    • It is forbidden to waste resources
  • You can only look after one account every 3 (three) days. When supervising an account, a player can visit the account only 3 times within 24 hours. Supervision of any other account is allowed only after 3 days.

2. Multiculturalism.

  • It is forbidden for one User to register more than one account in one universe and is punished by blocking all accounts. The punishment applies to all players, regardless of their game development. A player with more than one account, but in different universes, is not considered a violation of this rule.
  • It is forbidden to conduct battles between accounts logged in from the same IP address within the last 14 days.
  • Users playing from one computer must notify the project administration by writing a message to those. support. Accounts that have not been notified to the project administration and are used from one computer will be blocked. Players playing from one computer are not entitled to:
    • participate in any coordinated action against other players;
    • provide any help with resources;
    • be on more than one account at the same time;
    • send any missions to each other.
  • Indirect multicasting is the interaction between your account and another account to which you have access (and the owner is not aware of the interactions). These interactions include: attacks to steal resources; transportation of wreckage is irretrievable; manipulation of resources - passing them in various forms to the main account is irrevocable.

3. Deliberate pumping at the expense of another account.

Leveling is the interaction between two players in order to improve the playing position of one of them at the expense of the other, when both players are aware of them and intentionally contribute to this. These interactions include:

  • Attacks to steal resources.
  • Attacks with a small fleet to destroy it.
  • Trading for real money in any game resources, as well as corresponding messages about buying and / or selling, is prohibited and punishable by deprivation of access to the game.
  • Resource Manipulation - transfer of resources from a lower ranked player to a higher one.
  • Cheat statistics - an attack on a player, by prior collusion, in order to receive rewards for daily achievements or cheat victories in statistics.

4. Sending a fleet.

4.1 It is forbidden to fly a fleet with any missions to an alien planet of the player for a period of more than 5 hours in one direction without the consent of the player.

4.2 It is forbidden to send a fleet to an alien planet just to annoy the player. An attack that does not carry strategic validity is prohibited. An attack that is not an attempt to destroy the fleet or gain another strategic game advantage is prohibited.

5. Use of undeclared features and bugs of the Game.

Undeclared features - functionality of the Game that is not described or does not correspond to those described in the developer's documentation, the use of which may violate the confidentiality, availability or integrity of the processed information.

  • Any use of undeclared features and bugs of the Game is prohibited.
  • The use of software bugs for personal gain is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to use software errors that harm the game or other Users.
  • It is forbidden to disseminate information about software errors to other Users through game resources (chat, forum, private messages)

Note: If a critical error is found and the Administration is immediately notified about it, the player is entitled to reward with game bonuses.

6. Scripting.

  • Unauthorized influence on the server and (or) the game code is prohibited. Authorized influences are game plugins / add-ons approved (registered or licensed) by the Administration, installed on the side of the User's browser and modifying the appearance, information, actions, etc., without interfering with the internal processes of the game.
  • It is forbidden to create and launch a bot or other automated (semi-automated) program unauthorized by the Administration for the purpose of performing any actions aimed at the User's account or other accounts, for pumping and (or) enriching your account, as well as actions aimed at chatting the game.

7. Hacking.

It is forbidden to gain access to the account (s) of third parties, transfer game values from the account (s) of third parties, as well as facilitate such transfer. If the account's game property is lost by brute-force and theft (theft) of the password to the account (or the e-mail address to which the account is registered), or by deception (or abuse) of the trust of the account owner, the stolen property will not be returned.

8. Account trading.

It is forbidden to transfer account (s) and / or access to them to other persons on a reimbursable and / or free basis, as well as disseminate information about the intention to perform these actions.

9. Game resources.

It is forbidden to trade (buy and / or sell) in-game items and resources for real money, as well as advertise such trade. Any commercial advertising is prohibited. Any fraudulent activity or attempt directly or indirectly related to in-game items or resources is prohibited.

10. Communication

When communicating via private messages or chat, it is prohibited:

  • flood, offtopic, caps, trolling, obstacle to discussion;
  • provocation or pushing to violate the rules of the Game;
  • attempts to cheat, deceive or mislead other Users;
  • insulting other Users without the use of profanity, as well as provocation to insult or obscenities;
  • using and quoting profanity, veiled expressions, if they have a double meaning and can be regarded as vulgar or obscene (for example, replacing letters in words with any special characters or shortening obscene phrases);
  • explicit and covert advertising of other Internet resources or products;
  • threats of violence in real life, as well as threats of causing any harm;
  • extortion or begging in all possible forms;
  • attempts to impersonate a representative of the Game Administration, as well as any other attempts to gain access to the Accounts of third parties.

11. Other conditions.

For these and other violations of the rules of the game, the User may be immediately, without any prior notice, refused to provide the functionality of the Game, or such functionality may be partially limited.

The administration reserves the right to change the punishment for violations of these points at its discretion, depending on the severity of the offense.